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I have been compiling a lot of hybrids that combine Beachbody programs with Half or Full marathon training. I’ve found that many of Beachbody’s programs (i.e., Insanity, P90X2) have helped me improve my half marathon times and I hope that they will lead me to a new full marathon P.R.

Below is a link (and here) to ALL of my Hybrid programs that I have created; but consider this page under construction since I will add more in time. Also, if you would like help building a hybrid feel free to contact me.

You can view my complete list of Hybrids on Google Drive: Link to the Complete List of Hybrids

In the last year I have been slow to respond to comments but please continue to provide feedback on my hybrid plans!

Featured Hybrid: Half Marathon/Asylum Vol 1 & 2 (my Favorite)

Click on Image and Right Click to Save. Go to the 'Hybrids' tab to download the excel file off Google Drive

Click on Image and Right Click to Save. Go to the ‘Hybrids’ tab to download the excel file off Google Drive

Here is a list of hybrids I have deposited on Google Drive:

  1. 5K & Insanity Asylum Hybrid
  2. Half Marathon & Asylum (volume 1 and 2) Hybrid
  3. Half Marathon & Les Mills Combat Hybrid
  4. Half Marathon & Insanity Hybrid
  5. Half Marathon & Insanity, Insanity Asylum, and P90X Hybrid
  6. Half Marathon & Insanity, Insanity Asylum, and P90X2 Hybrid
  7. Half Marathon & P90X2 Hybrid
  8. Half Marathon & P90X Hybrid
  9. Half Mrathon & Asylum (volume 1 only) Hybrid
  10. Full Marathon & P90X Hybrid
  11. Full Marathon & Insanity, Asylum, and P90X2 Hybrid
  12. Full Marathon & Asylum Hybrid
  13. Full Marathon & Insanity Hybrid

57 thoughts on “Hybrids

    • Currently, I don’t have an Insanity/Asylum/Running hybrid; but I can get one put together. Once it is finished, I will post it on the blog.

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  2. Great site! Do you have a P90X/full marathon plan or an insanity/full marathon plan? I am interested in incorporating P90X and/or insanity into my marathon training.

    • I do have a P90X+full marathon plan. To view that click the link to view the full list of hybrids I have shared on Google documents. I just realized that I do not have an Insanity+full marathon plan, so I will have to rectify that.

      Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for being interested!

        • I’ve done all of the hybrids excluding the pure P90X/half marathon and P90X/full marathon schedules. I’ve seen the most improvement after completing my Asylum/Insanity/P90X hybrid marathon; but I realize that I can improve almost all of them. I have found that adding an extra taper week where the longest run is shortened (~10 miles for a full and ~5 miles for a half) is significantly better than my current hybrids. So I’ll have to modify them and re-post.

          • Any idea when?? Very much looking forward to the revision. Specifically, the insanity/half marathon hybrid!

    • Yes, I do have one. If you click on the link to the Google documents you will see it in the ‘complete list’. I modified the document so that anyone can view it. If you do have problems viewing it, let me know

      • Thanks for sharing all this great stuff!

        I see a Hybrid for Insanity/Half Marathon and a hybrid for Asylum/ Half Marathon, but NOT Insanity + Asylum, is that correct? My eyes could be deceiving me…


        • Ooops! You are correct, its definitely not on there. I’ll add it on an updated file in Google Drive within a few days. Sorry about that.

  3. Hi Doc, I came across your site looking for a review on the asylum volume 1&2 and I saw your asylum 1&2 running hybrid. Was wondering what your thoughts on the hybrid were and what kind of improvements you saw on the program?

    • Hi Thomas, so far I am enjoying my Asylum/Running hybrids the most. I feel that the intense training of Asylum (Vol 1 and 2) provide a lot of good foundation for race day performance. In my most recent race I’ve improved my half marathon time even though the race was tougher (more hills). The leg workouts (vertical plyo [vol 1] and power legs [Vol 2]) definitely help when I am ascending hills and typically I’ve been passing my competition the most during these phases.

      As for how Vol 1 compares to vol 2 of ‘Asylum’ I plan to write a full review and post it on the main page.

      • Thank you very much for your response doc. Your comments about asylum were very helpful. The reason why I was asking was because I am about to finish up my cycle of X2 and was thinking about using asylum 1&2 to prepare for a spartan race in September.

  4. Are you planning to create a p90X2/Asylum 2 Hybrid (maybe even with a running schedule)? Also, how do you split up your workouts for the half-marathons/marathons? Do you run in the morning and cross-train at night (or vice versa)? Thanks.

    PS, this website is great.

    • Glad you like the website.

      I haven’t planned to make an X2/Asylum 2 hybrid; but I will do that since you are interested. In fact, I just added it to my ‘to-do’ list. As for scheduling a day where I do two workouts, I typically do the harder one in the morning and the easier one in the evening after work. This works for me since I am a morning person. Depending on how ‘awake’ you are at different periods of the day you may want to flip this. Sometimes if I have a really difficult day schedule, I’ll just do the two workouts back to back in the morning. I have found that doing this really ‘toughens’ me up for race day, especially in the hybrids that have vertical plyo and a run on the same day.

      As Tony Horton would say, ‘Do your best and forget the rest’. Just keep training and if you have to modify, its OK

  5. Any Body Beast & Insanity or Asylum hybrids coming? I have begun competing in obstacle races (Tough Mudder, Spartan, etc.) and it requires the 3 key components: Strength, Endurance, and Speed. I am looking for a hybrid that allows me to combine interval training, strength training, AND running, that won’t cause me to over-train.

    • Sorry, I have no experience with Body Beast; but my Beachbody coach has been using that for almost 3 cycles so I can probably make a hybrid with his help.

    • The closest thing I have is a P90X/Insanity/Asylum Hybrid. You can use that and replace the Asylum workouts with month 2 workouts from Insanity (Max Interval Circuit, Max Plyo, etc.).

  6. Hello again!

    Thanks again for all the content you’ve added… 2 months ago I made a request about a routine that included all 3 insanity programs… You responded, but I still don’t see the updated file…. Just wondering if i’m being dumb or if my original post was confusing. Thanks, would be really helpful! I like all 3 programs, just don’t know what’s the best fit. Thanks!
    Dr. Henderson says:
    February 6, 2013 at 10:55 PM
    Ooops! You are correct, its definitely not on there. I’ll add it on an updated file in Google Drive within a few days. Sorry about that.

    • Its still not on the list yet :(
      I’ve been really busy with my own training so it slipped under the cracks. I swear I’ll post it soon. Sorry for the delay!

    • Glad you like it! I’ll have to add the hybrid with 10-min trainer to the queue…so give me a bit of time I’ll have that added to the list.

      • Hey Brandon – I know you are super busy, but did you have a chance to look at doing the hybrid for a half and 10-Min Trainer?

        • I outsourced this to a friend since I have not done 10 minute trainer; but since she has not got back to me I’ll run through the workouts and then get one put together. Thanks for being patient Keri

      • Hey Brandon – I just wanted to check in with you about a 10-Min Trainer / Half Marathon schedule. I know you are busy, so I appreciate you looking into this for me.


  7. Hi! I saw in an earlier post something about possibly an insanity/full marathon hybrid. I’m running my first marathon october 20th (19 weeks away) and am getting ready for full marathon training mode. I was also getting ready to start insanity and I was hoping maybe you had an insanity/full marathon hybrid. I know the 2 together would really help my endurance and strength

    • I just realized that I don’t have an Insanity/Full marathon schedule; but I do have an Insanity/Half marathon schedule. Until I post a new list of hybrids I recommend you follow the Insanity/Half schedule BUT replace the running distances with those from my Asylum/Full Marathon plan (both are 13 weeks).

  8. I was looking at your hybrids and I really like the idea that you have running added into them. I was wondering if you had an Insanity/P90X/running hybrid as well as a Asylum Vol 1/ Vol 2/ running hybrid? I have done these programs alone with running and I’m looking for more of a challenge. If you could give me any advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!

    • Currently I have not made an Insanity/P90X/running hybrid. The closest I have is the Insanity/Asylum/P90X (also have one with X2) hybrids. I do have a Asylum 1/Asylum 2/running hybrid that I used for my latest race; but I need to post that to the site. Stay tuned for that. I’ll gladly give advice. If you need anything specific, feel free to message me (or email me) through the blog.

  9. Coach,

    Do you have a training schedule for a full marathon with P90X2? I prefer the more up to date training methods in P90X2 over the P90x program. I only saw a P90X/full marathon schedule. Thanks for a great site and all the info.

    • I do, click on the hybrid page and it has a link to the complete list on Google Drive. Click through the tabs and you will find the Asylum/Insanity/running hybrid

  10. Hello Brandon, great blog you have over here, thank you for sharing these awesome hybrids.

    I would like to know if you have a spreadsheet for the Asylum vol.1+vol.2/Running for the half-marathon?

    I got a race coming up and would like to give that a try.



    • I do not have one yet; but I will soon. Check back in the near future and I should have one posted. Good luck with your race!

      • Thanks for your wishes, my first competitive race was yesterday and I ran a 1:49:12 in the Muscat half marathon.

        I’m eager and curious to see how better my time will be if I actually do a running hybrid because I was mostly working with Beachbody workouts and my running mileage was way lower than the recommended standard.

  11. Brandon, I just found your website and the hybrids. I am excited to test one of them out. Have you ever done anything for duathlons or triathlons? I would love to have a workout hybrid that could help me improve my duathlon time.

    • Glad you are enjoying the hybrids. Sorry, I have not done triathlons or duathlons so I don’t have hybrids for that type of training. I am hoping to do some in the future, so maybe I will have some at a later date.

  12. Hi,

    On your Insanity/Half Hybrid you have listed Insanity “Fast and Furious”. This must be from Asylum I’m guessing. Is there an Insanity routine that I can put in it’s place?

    Thanks for the great site.

  13. I just found your site and really appreciate you posting all of these Hybrid’s. I will be starting one as soon as my finish my latest Asylum round. Looking forward to it! Thanks again.

  14. Hello Brandon,

    I was wondering how your success has been with combining marathon training and the Asylum work. Are the three days running enough? I am currently starting Asylum and am a runner 5k – marathon and would to combine my running with Asylum.
    I seen your hybrid schedule and that’s why I was asking how it went for you. Looks like you got a great 1/2 PR from the hybrid.

    • So far my success has been very good. I have even at times only run twice a week. Each race I have done I have PR’d over the past three years so I believe they work well (At least for me). You can see my split improvement in a previous post (http://www.coachbh-phd.com/new-half-marathon-pr-asylum-vol-1vol-2running-hybrid/).

      The reason why I think these hybrids work is that since the programs I am integrating are hard, they do a good job preparing the muscles for the beating they receive during half and full marathons

      • Are you going to try for a sub 3:00 hour marathon or maybe you have done that already. Thanks for the sight and all the info.

        • So far my fastest marathon is 3:28 and that was almost 6 years ago. For the past 5 years I have strictly done only half marathons. As I have got older I’ve realized they are just as much fun (sometimes more fun) without all the pain in the following week post-race.

  15. I have a question. Tues-Thursday I have no time to exercise. 8+ hours of work then 5 hours of school. I do have a gym at work.. Any suggestions?

    • You may want to focus on getting your workouts in Friday-Monday and double up if you need to. With 8 hours of work and 5 hours of school you’ll be sacrificing sleep to get in a workout. If you really want to do a workout I would Pick one of the days (Tues-Thurs) that you are really busy and try to get a solid 40 minute workout in (nothing more). If you need to get running mileage in you could hit the treadmill. If you need to do some strength work you could always follow one of the P90X routines; but at the gym. Sometimes when I am stuck at work, I hit the campus gym and do one of the P90X(or X2 or X3) workouts there and it typically works well.

  16. What would be your suggestions for a hybrid model that consists of p90X, Body Beast, and swimming? I’m looking for a 90 day calendar. Thanks for the help! I enjoy your other hyrbid calendars.

    • It depends on how many days you would like to do of each per week. For P90X (X, X2, and X3) and Body Beast, the workouts are designed to complement each other. I would suggest alternating weeks of P90X and Body Beast with Swimming mixed in each week.

  17. I just found your site and after looking at the Half marathon/Asylum Hybrid what do you mean by “Overtime”, “Relief”, “Championship”? Do you have someplace that explains the schedule? Thank you.

    • Hi Cecelia,

      Overtime, Relief, Championship are routines in the Insanity: Asylum workout program. For more information, check out the Asylum tab in my workouts section

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