A year and no updates…..

So it has been roughly a year and I haven’t updated my blog. Epic fail on my part. Not that a lot has not happened…A LOT has happened in the past year in my career and within my fitness-related extracurricular activities.

In the past year I have hit some major PRs in both running and rowing: I finally hit 1:20:00 on a half marathon at the 2015 Hollywood Half. In reality, it was a little north of 1:20:00 but close enough that I can now seriously shoot for a sub 1:20:00 half. That was a major success in my mind. Weirdly, as soon as I hit that, I started having some huge success in rowing. In the past fall season, I won USRowing’s West Coast Speed Order in the lightweight men’s single (LM1X) and hit a huge PR on the 6K portion. I also ended up beating one of the guys who medaled at last year’s World Rowing Championships in the lightweight men’s 8+. Since then, I’ve been hitting the rowing hard and will be competing at the 2016 Rio Olympic Trials in the lightweight men’s double (LM2X). I plan to catch up with all these things and more! Wish me luck!

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