2015 Hollywood Half Marathon



Sadly, I won’t be able to make this years race due to my attempt to make the Olympic Team in men’s lightweight rowing (Trials are in Sarasota, FL this month!). The Hollywood Half Marathon is by far my favorite half-marathon. Its a great course, great location, great pre- and post-race activities, and the people who run it are the best!

Last year I hit a huge PR but never ended up posting it on my blog (epic fail!). My final time ended up being 1:21:02 for the half and that ended up being a 6:11 min/mile average pace. The was overall 20th. I was extremely happy since I was battling some injuries that kept me from doing what I considered a suitable amount of running as prep for a half marathon. At the time I was following my ‘go-to’ hybrid, The Asylum 1/2 Hybrid. Of course this was also in addition to a lot of rowing. I still believe the lower body workouts in Asylum are some of the best training you can do for these long running races, especially if they involve hills.

Hopefully, I’ll get back into this favorite race of mine next year! Happy Running.

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